Employment and Social Security Benefits in Germany

Employment and Social Security Benefits in Germany,Employment Benefits in Germany,Social Security Benefits in Germany,Employee in Germany


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Employment and Social Security Benefits in Germany

Expatriates can take advantage of the generous German social security benefits while living here and even,in some cases,when they return home.

Germany has an elaborate social security system that sees to it that its citizens live comfortably even if they're sick, disabled, unemployed or retired.Expatriates can also participate in the system to a large degree.

People with jobs must, as a rule,make payments to four parts of the system,for health insurance, long-range nursing care,pensions and unemployment.These payments will usually come to about 40% of gross income,but the employer normally pays half of the cost, meaning that the employee is out of pocket only just 20% of his income. Other pillars of the social security program are company accident insurance,paid for completely by the employer, and social indemnity,which the state handles.

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