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Germany and Master’s degrees

Master’s degrees in Germany are usually categorized as either “consecutive” or “non-consecutive”.Those in the first category are designed to build on the academic knowledge gained during a related bachelor’s degree.Non-consecutive programs tend to have a greater focus on professional development,often requiring applicants to have both an undergraduate degree and some relevant work experience.Most master’s in Germany take four semesters(two years) to complete,though some are shorter or longer.

For decades a master's level degree was the first degree available at a university.This was known as a "one-tier" integrated long program.Recent higher education reforms have introduced two-level programs and students can now earn a bachelor's degree in three or four years and a master's degree in five or six years.The one-tier year program is still available in certain disciplines.The bachelor's and master’s degrees were introduced to avoid the drastic rates of non-completers as well as to conform with degree programs in other countries.

Germany’s higher education institutions enjoy an excellent reputation. Teaching and research provide key impulses for innovation and progress. German universities combine research and studies and have been the scene for ground-breaking discoveries such as the printing press, computer and mp3 that have become inseparable parts of our modern lives.

Every year, thousands of international students and scholars choose to study in Germany.There are very good reasons for this.These include among others International Programmes taught in English medium, excellent quality of education, no tuition fees, promising career opportunities and above all the vibrant social and cultural milieu.


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