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Cost OF Study in United Kingdom

 Average annual tuition fees includes £9,000 (~US$12,700) for domestic/EU students at undergraduate level;~US$17,000 for international students outside the EU. International students should expect to pay ~US$14,150-18,400 for most master’s degrees.

Average living costs includes £12,000 (~US$17,060) per year

While the UK capital is home to an impressive selection of universities, bear in mind that living expenses in London are much higher than those in the rest of the UK, so you’ll need to budget more to study there. For more affordable options, you may wish to consider universities in Scotland (where EU students (excluding those from England, Wales and Northern Ireland) can study for free at undergraduate level. Tuition fees are also lower in Northern Ireland, with a cap of £3,790 (~US$5,400) per year at undergraduate level for EU students


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